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Chartwell Speakers Bureau represents the world’s top thought leaders, and helps firms from around the world find the right speaker for conferences, events or awards ceremony. We represent experts, leading economists, former politicians, academics, business speakers, motivational speakers and after-dinner speakers, covering a wide range of speaker topics.

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If you are looking for an outstanding keynote speaker for your next corporate event, conference or college lecture then these lists of Top 10 Speakers will be of great value to you and your organisation. Curated by Chartwell, our top keynote speakers list serves as an inspirational guide for event professionals seeking to pack the house, create buzz, and delight sponsors. For keynote speaker bookings, or to request a short list of tailored suggestions matched to your conference’s needs, contact Leo von Bülow-Quirk in London, Raleigh Addington in Hong Kong and Jeana Webster in the U.S. for ideas.

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Need ideas or to book a speaker for your conference or client event? We’re here to help. For US enquiries contact Jeana Webster in Dallas; for Asia Pacific enquiries contact Raleigh Addington in Hong Kong; and for all other enquiries, please contact Leo von Bülow-Quirk in London.

Chartwell Speakers represents keynote speakers, experts and authors for corporate events & publishing opportunities globally.

We provide well informed, dynamic and thought provoking speakers and experts on the most topical issues around the world. With a truly global reach; we have partners all around the world – in the Americas, Asia Pacific region, Africa and Europe. We have provided reliable and quality services through providing excellent, charismatic speakers to well reputed international clients such as Google, Airtel, Volkswagen, Harvard University, Goldman Sachs, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, IFA and Skybridge Capital, just to mention a few. Our website also features a number of testimonials by satisfied clients.

We aim to provide our services for the full convenience of our clients. Customers can contact an agent through this website, or via telephone, depending on the region – Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong), USA (Dallas) and other regions (via the London headquarters). Chartwell Speakers & Literary Agency aim to provide you the best speakers for hire to make your events and conferences a true success.

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